Warranty conditions for end users

Valid from April 01st 2011 (download this page as pdf)

Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for purchasing our products. The original equip product you have purchased is covered by a limited warranty as hereinafter referred. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase of brand new, unused products by the first end user. We warrants for a period of time that the hardware of the equip products will be free from material defects in workmanship and materials under normal use from the date of original retail purchase of the product, for the period set forth below.

As far as a product was bought before April 01st 2011 it applies the Limited Warranty of 24 months.


Product Category Garantielaufzeit
equip life 3 years*
for products of equip life series according to summary on www.equip-info.net
equip pro 5 years*
for products of equip pro series according to summary on www.equip-info.net
equip Premium
Blister series
10 years*
or cables and adapters in equip Premium Blister packaging with accordant labeling on the packaging

* An overview of corresponding products of each category equip life, equip pro and equip premium blister series is available on www.equip-info.de. For all other not listed products as well as for all products bought before April 01st 2011 equip warrants a period of two (2) years. For wearing parts such as external power adapters and fans we warrant six (6) months.

Please mind that warranty claims can only be made by submitting the original voucher/delivery note from an authorized retailer of equip. Warranty approvals will not be granted if an original receipt or copy of a receipt is not enclosed, incomplete, or unreadable.

The granted warranty justifies an own and voluntary obligation of equip as manufacturer. Alongside you as end user may have further legal claims which are not restricted by these conditions. Independent from this manufacturer's warranty there can be warranties of equip distribution partners or other third parties which can only be enforced with them.

The manufacturer's warranty applies only for products which show a defect despite proper handling. In that case equip or one of its partners will repair the defect or provide a replacement. If an equip product is not available when warranty is claimed, an equal device is provided. Repairing or exchange does not extend the warranty period, the original purchase date applies.

In case of defects due to wear, misuse, external impact or handling errors the warranty expires.

Our warranty does not cover any of the followings points:

  1. External impacts like fire, lightning, water etc.
  2. Damages caused by improper handling, incorrect installation, improper repair as well as violation of instruction manual.
  3. Adjustments and/ or modifications of the device, an effective national technical and/ or safety-related requirements of a country , the device was not developed for.

Extend and provision of equip warranty:

The warranty includes all material and processing errors occurring during the warranty period. Errors resulting from improper handling are excluded from warranty. Proper handling is considered as the one described in the manual. The warranty restricts on manufacturing of hardware-features and the state of the original product before the defect. The affected product has to fulfill the test requirements according to equips specifications for the original product according to product data. The warranty does not contain the reconstruction of customer data or software.

Within the above mentioned warranties equip decides whether the product is repaired or replaced. If necessary the entire product is exchanged with a similar and equal one. In that case warranty restricts on the defect products value.

Defective product parts removed in warranty cases become property of equip.

Original equip parts used in warranty cases and installed in an equip product just keep the remaining warranty period of the repaired product.

We are not responsible for damages or loss of data in any form whatsoever.

Limitation of liability:

Advanced claims than the ones mentioned in these warranty conditions are excluded as far as equip is not legally forced by the respective federal state law. This warranty does not include claims resulting from consequential damages, lost profit, loss of data or information or damages caused by interruption of operation.

Applicable law:

The warranty is liable to the applicable law of the country of the original purchase by the end consumer from the retailer and has to be interpreted in accordance with the law. The agreement of contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply.

We continuously work on developing our products. Descriptions and illustrations are based on the information level of printing time. Please understand there can be adjustments of products and scope of delivery in form, equipment and technique at any time. Claims established from indications, illustrations and descriptions cannot be made.

Please contact your retailer in case of defects.

You shall find updated versions of software and descriptions on www.equip-info.net.

In case you have questions or need more information please contact the retailer of your product.

Kind regards
Your equip team